About Sew in Style

 Hi, I'm Jill - the owner of Sew in Style Boutique! I grew up in the retail market and had a dream of one day opening my own women's clothing store! Sew in Style Boutique is a dream that has thankfully become a reality. It really started with a vision where I could work doing something I love and still be able to keep life organized with my family. It is wasn't for my family finally helping giving me the push we wouldn't be here today. 

I love fashion, all sorts of fashion. But with that being said, I love finding pieces that make me feel confident, yet comfortable which we know as women that can be hard at times. I look constantly for these types of items so you feel "Sew in Style" all day! I want fashion to be affordable for all! I am always looking for gorgeous fashion finds to add to our collection. I strive daily to give you the customer service, if you have fashion trends or have questions about our products, drop us a line! We would love to hear from you!   

Thank you for stopping in and I can't want to get you Sew in Style!